10 Ways To Make Your Study Notes Stand Out As An Educator

Here are 10 tips to maximize the impact and effectiveness of your study notes

Use simple writing

Focus on simplicity

Limit the use of distracting colours

Divide the content into smaller chunks

Do not use too long sentences.

  • Use short sentences with no more than one idea in each sentence.
  • Use examples that illustrate the point you want to make, and explain why these examples are important.
  • Check your work by reading it aloud and asking someone else to read it.

Teach students to write better notes

  • Teach your students to write in bullets and lists rather than prose.
  • Teach them to use symbols instead of writing out words and phrases.
  • Remind them to leave gaps between ideas or between different parts of an idea so that they can fill them in later.
  • Please encourage them to use colour-coding or other visual markers to make it easier for them to find things later on as needed during review sessions before exams etc… It’s also a good idea, if possible, during lectures/presentations, if you’ll allow it; to encourage your students not only to take pictures but also to record audio so that way when they go back over their notes again after class ends, they will be able to hear what you were saying at that particular point which can help reinforce ideas further (especially if they tend towards being more auditory learners).

Provide accessible study notes without the need to attend class

Encourage students to collaborate on note-taking

Use diagrams and mind maps

Design notes as a summary of a lecture/reading material with examples




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