7 Best Ways to Keep your Online Classes Interactive

1. Get to Know your Students

  1. Communicating well is one of the first things that should come naturally to you as an online teacher. Make sure you’re paying attention to what your students are saying, and make sure they know that they can feel comfortable asking questions if they get lost.
  2. Always address the questions and concerns of your students.
  3. Find out what motivates your students.
  4. Find out your students’ educational goals.
  5. Plan your lessons to highlight and reinforce students’ strengths

2. Encourage Student-Teacher Interaction Outside the Classroom

  1. Use a student-discussion forum.
  2. Give your students 24/7 access to ask you questions and your syllabus. (You can answer them whenever you want but give them the facility to text you or put it on a discussion board)
  3. Post often on the discussion board.
  4. Reinforce learning after class by watching videos together.
  5. Encourage group projects to develop teamwork skills.
  6. Hold regular office hours to meet up via video calls and connect outside the classroom walls.
  7. Join Google hangouts or other video conferencing tools to provide instruction on a variety of topics and questions
  8. Show your face when teaching live so that students can watch you as you teach and ask questions in real-time — creating a more interactive experience.

3. Keep the Class Fun with Regular Exercises

4. Set up Scheduled Times for Students to Answer Questions

  1. Are there any sources you think are important?
  2. Did any of the sources surprise you or at least catch your attention?
  3. What surprised you about the sources was…
  4. Did anything confuse you?

5. Go Live on Video Chat Sessions

6. Encourage Note-Taking

7. Poll your Students




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