How to Setup Home Video Recording Studio for Online Classes?

Why have a Video Recording Studio at Home for your Online Classes?

  • Save time travelling to and from your recording studio
  • Do a better job presenting your content
  • Share your work with more people
  • Have complete control over your final product

Deciding on a Recording Studio Setup

  1. A Talking Head Setup
  2. A Full-body Setup
  3. A Top-Down Video Setup

A Talking Head Setup

A Full-Body Setup

A Top-Down Video Setup

Selecting Cameras for Home Video Recording

A Smartphone

DSLR+Lens+Memory Card

Camera Mount/Tripods for your Online Classes

A Lightweight Tripod

GorillaPod 3K Kit

Gooseneck Bed Phone Holder Mount

Microphones for Online Classes

Snowball Mic

Shotgun Mic

  • A highly directional shotgun.
  • A lavalier (or lapel) picks up voices close to it.
  • An omnidirectional mic picks up sound from all sides.

Lighting for Video Recording at Home

Natural Lighting

Softbox Lighting




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