Start Your Online School or Membership Site in 10 Easy Steps

So, here are 10 Steps to a Side Hustle while Employed full-time:


  1. Take a topic that you could easily talk about for 30 minutes.
  2. Share your knowledge daily via LinkedIn articles.
  3. When people have questions, DM or schedule calls with them.
  4. Listen for common challenges during your calls.
  5. Make a short video addressing common problems.
  6. Send the video to the folks you helped on those calls.
  7. Ask for testimonials in exchange for the video.
  8. Add the testimonials to your website.
  9. Charge $50 for your new courses.
  10. Start charging $250 for calls.

1. Take a Topic that You could Easily Talk about for 30 Minutes

2. Share your Knowledge Daily via LinkedIn Articles

3. When People have Questions, DM or Schedule Calls with them

4. Listen for Common Challenges during your Calls

5. Make a Short Video Addressing Common Problems

6. Send the Video to the Folks you Helped on those Calls

7. Ask for Testimonials in Exchange for the Video

8. Add the Testimonials to your Website

9. Charge $50 for your New Courses

10. Start Charging $250 for Calls


  • Make the product your low-end item.
  • Make the coaching call your high-end item.
  • Use email automation to collect more testimonials.
  • If people can’t spend $250, direct them to the product.



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